About E.T

Our Creative Process

Einstein Technologies is mapping out the world's most advanced technology platforms.

Our Team

Our team researches the most innovative & disruptive technologies of our time. We aim to deliver long-term growth with low correlation to traditional investment strategies & marketplaces. Einstein Technologies Inc identifies more innovation evolving today than ever before. We believe it is changing lives and businesses across the globe dramatically, creating opportunities to own the next big thing by investing in the future today.

E.T’s Evaluation Process:

  • Companies Core Technology & Objectives
  • Platform Security
  • Long Term Industry Focus
  • Executive Team & Developer Team Experience
  • Company Overview & Background
  • Department Maturity
  • Metrics: Leads, Opportunities, Customers
  • Crypto Rating Council, https://www.cryptoratingcouncil.com/

Our Criteria

Companies Must Meet 3 Criteria Points
  1. They must experience dramatic cost declines and unleash waves of incremental demand
    When a technology crosses certain cost or performance thresholds, its addressable market can widen and diversify dramatically.
  2. Cut across sectors and geographies
    A technology that cuts across industries and geographies can enjoy dramatic increases in addressable markets as applications are “discovered” by different business sectors. Spanning across sectors also provides better product-market fits, insulates against business cycle risk, and garners attention from multiple disciplines.
  3. Companies that serve as a platform for additional innovations
    A technology upon which other innovations can be built may expand its use-cases in ways that are almost impossible to imagine. As a result, innovation platforms may be underestimated over expansive time horizons because successful forecasts require anticipation of the scope of new products and services. “Innovation in Battery Breakthroughs”.