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Creating internal blockchain solutions requires multiple business units, new technical and business skills, time, and new processes just to get started. Internal blockchain solutions face governance and compliance challenges with the design-test-deploy cycle. Once a solution is deployed, maintenance and scalability issues are persistent. SkyBelt, plugs into existing datasets, Web API’s, Payment Systems & SaaS Solutions for repeatable processes.

Example: Transactions that occur in Accounting, Sales, Marketing, HR & Analytics. Custom applications will automatically be recorded on the blockchain and easily retrieved later for verification and validation now easier than ever before.

SkyBelt’s blockchain as a service (BaaS), enables you to build new blockchain applications with 90% improved developer productivity and unlocks new business strategies and innovative ideas. Our platform helps you develop on a fully managed platform that frees up your developers to build blockchain applications and smart contracts. Without having to think about consensus, security, or scalability, our platform allows you to spin-up a private blockchain node in seconds. So, you can start writing or using smart contracts right away. Delivered as a cloud-based service, it enables you to focus on your business, offering you savings, efficiencies, and expertise. It also reduces complexities and enables secure transactions for sensitive data by interoperability with other blockchains.

A Few Easy Steps:

  • Business creates account.
  • Business identifies a blockchain application for their industry from dashboard.
  • Business selects the blockchain application.
  • Business chooses pricing that fits their budget.
  • Business provisions a blockchain application.
  • Business is provided with Restful API endpoints to communicate to their new provisioned blockchain.
  • Business creates keys to communicate with the DLT.
  • Business identifies a named dataset.
  • Businesses can provide their own data storage or connect to our preferred cloud partner's.

Ex2 Exchange

Ex2 is a cryptocurrency & digital-asset marketplace that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at market-established exchange rates. Our goal is to deliver a highly secured & user-friendly digital currency exchange platform that allows high frequency trading of cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets. Creating an environment to help our customers reach financial freedom through trading & investing. We will empower traders on every level by creating a powerful and user-friendly eco-system which serves the needs of beginners and advanced users. We give users the ability to quickly share trades publicly or privately in friend groups, providing a social experience for traders. Users can create and design their very own avatar that allows you to purchase real physical clothing that matches the digital store good.

Our exchange makes it simple to research & learn about the cryptocurrency market, allowing you to buy bitcoin and other cryptos, and build a personalized portfolio of digital money. We offer an industry- leading suite along a variety of different crypto-native products and tools for individuals and institutions. Enabling you to grow, manage, and use cryptocurrency with world-class security, compliance, and customer experience that you can trust.

Exchange Services:

  • “Buying and Selling, Made Simple” You can now trade digital assets, manage your holdings, and set recurring buys on one of the
    crypto industry’s most secure, trusted platforms.
  • “Add Multiple Exchange Wallets“ Flexibility to merge various wallets & have access to all your crypto through the (Ex2) simplifying smart technology.
  • “We Offer Streamlined Trading View” Access all the tools you need to understand the crypto market and start investing – all through one clear, attractive interface.
  • Crypto Simulator - We have tools for crypto beginners & active traders. Whether you are an experienced trader or just getting started, (Ex2) has the tools to help you harness & learn about the future of money.